Survey implementation

For the implementation of the Survey Codings Education Tool in CAPI surveys, please also check this page.


For general use we prepared an excel file with names and codes of countries, their currencies, their languages, and their locales. The file is called COUNTRY OVERVIEW_20190829_surveycodings, and can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. The file has the following tabs:
* INTRO - with explanations of the sources
* country-currency-language-local - with information for 243 countries
The tab country-currency-language-local has the following columns:
* FOR COUNTRIES: English short name, English short name_alias1, English short name_alias2, French short name, Continents, Alpha-2 code, Alpha-3 code, Numeric,
* FOR CURRENCIES: Currency, Symbol, ISO 3-letter code, ISO code,
* FOR LANGUAGES: language_1, language_2,
* FOR LOCALES: locale_1, locale_2