• The databases for levels and fields of Education where initially developed under the CAMCES project, and later further expanded under the SERISS project (EU-H2020, no. 654221, 2015-’19).
  • The WISCO occupation database has been developed gradually since the year 2000, starting with a coded occupation list for the Netherlands, used for self-identification in the WageIndicator web-survey on work and wages. From 2004 onwards, countries, languages, features, and coding of the database have been improved due to the following projects: WOLIWEB (EU-FP6, no. 506590, 2004-’06), EurOccupations (EU¬FP6, no. 028987, 2006-’09), GLOBAL–Towards a Global WageIndicator (FNV Mondiaal-Netherlands, 2008-'10), DECISIONS FOR LIFE in non-European countries (MDG 3 Ministry Foreign Affairs–Netherlands, 2008-'12), WISUTIL for occupations in the energy sector (EU-Social Dialogue programme, no. VS/2010/0382, 2010-‘11), WICARE for occupations in the care sector (EU-Social Dialogue programme, no. VS/2013/0404, 2013-’14), InGRID (EU-FP7, no. 312691, 2013-‘17), EDUWORKS (Marie Curie Initial Training Network, no. 608311, 2013-’17), SERISS (EU-H2020, no. 654221, 2015-’19), and SSHOC (EU-H2020, no. 823782, 2019-’22).
  • The social network module is developed under SERISS (EU-H2020, no. 654221, 2015-’19)
  • Under SERISS (EU-H2020, no. 654221, 2015-’19), further improvements on the quality of the already classified items was preformed and a wider use with implementations of a religion database, taks lists, food groups and items, and regions is under development.