What is surveycodings.org?

Surveycodings.org is a free service for survey projects, data archives and researchers measuring and coding socio-economic background variables and more general social science classifications. It provides questionnaires, data collection tools, coding frames, and classifications based on standard statistical classifications for a large number of countries and languages. SurveyCodings covers the following individual and socio-economic variables: industry, occupation, educational attainment, field of education, religious denominations, social networks, cost of living, and region. Provided materials can be used to collect harmonised and cross-nationally comparable data as well as for post-hoc harmonisation of already collected data (e.g. coding of open-ended questions).

Why do we need surveycodings.org?

The services on surveycodings.org aim at obtaining consistent and comparable data by:

  • offering already structured measurement instruments for central socio-economic and more general social science variables for  CAWI, CAPI surveys and easy to implement in PAPI too for certain variables;
  • implementing cross-national classifications to permit effective international comparisons;
  • collecting data across samples and/or time points within and between countries;
  • saving time in ex-post harmonization phase of open answers;
  • supplying zoomed insight into key national sectors as those of education and occupation.